Professional Services:

CR Archaeology offers a wide range of archaeological services. This list is no means exhaustive and should you require a service which is not named below please contact us directly.

Archaeological Evaluation

Archaeological Evaluation

Archaeological evaluation is a limited programme of works undertaken to examine the archaeological potential of a site. It can be intrusive (involve digging) or non-intrusive (for example geophysical survey/desk-based work) and the aim of the work is to establish the presence/absence of archaeological remains.

Where remains are found/considered likely to be found then the evaluation aims to define what the remains are, the size of area affected, the rarity of the site and the level of site preservation. An assessment will be made as to the significance of the remains in local, regional, national or international context.

The information gathered during this phase of works will then inform future planning conditions at the site. This may be in the form of further archaeological works – for example excavation, or it may result in the conclusion that the site requires no further archaeological works.

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Archaeological Excavation

Archaeological Excavation

Archaeological excavation is perhaps the most recognisable element of archaeological works. Within our work, excavation is generally undertaken in advance of a development which will destroy/damage the site. It is a method of preservation by record whereby the information about the site is recovered. The excavation of the site is only part of these works and there will be a programme of post excavation work required.

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Archaeological Watching Briefs

Archaeological Watching Briefs

An archaeological watching brief is carried out on a site which is considered to have archaeological potential. It involves the monitoring of groundworks down to the development depth. If archaeological remains are encountered, then excavation of these remains will be undertaken.

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archival research

Many projects require extensive background research - for a period, area or specific site. Research is an important element of most archaeological projects and will inform interpretations of site results. We are able to carry out research either as a stand alone project or as part of a wider scheme of works.

Artefact Analysis

Artefact Analysis

Artefacts recovered from sites often require analysis and we work with a national network of experts to cover all period and materials.

Artefact Illustration

Artefact Illustration

At CR Archaeology we produce our illustrations in house and undertake commissions for artefactual illustration. Sample illustrations are available on request.


community projects

CR Archaeology are happy to advise on and help with community projects. We are available to give talks on our work to local societies.



CR Archaeology are available to advise on archaeological projects and help to design a solution to need planning needs.


desk based assessment

A desk-based assessment analyses existing records related to a site. This may be in the form of written accounts, historic maps and photographs, previous archaeological works at the site/in the area and existing heritage designations. The aim of a desk-based assessment is to identify the likely heritage assets likely to be affected by any works, the significance and the character of the study area and appropriate consideration of the settings of heritage assets identified.

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environmental services

CR Archaeology are able to call on a network of national experts to design programmes for environmental archaeology on site and for the analysis of environmental remains gathered from sites.


geophysical survey

CR Archaeology are able to conduct geophysical survey of sites to identify potential archaeological sites.

Archaeological Survey

archaeological survey

CR Archaeology are able to conduct earthwork and landscape studies of archaeological/potential archaeological sites.


standing building recording

Many historic buildings undergoing renovation, extension or conversion will require an archaeological building survey. The level of detail required will vary depending on the age and significance of the property and the nature of the works proposed. CR Archaeology are able to carry out all levels of building recording.

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post excavation services

At CR archaeology we are able to take projects from the production of the Project Design/Specification through to completion, including all post excavation services.